About Me and HVACR Guy

Hi, I am Bilal. Welcome to my blog. It’s about Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Sound’s complicated right, it isn’t. It is simply about maintaining temperature, humidity and healthy airflow to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable, mostly indoors but also outdoors.

An engineer by profession, I have always been enthusiastic about learning of AC and refrigeration systems. I kept on learning about them throughout my life. It was not until I made my own thermoacoustic refrigeration system I realized that this is actually my passion and it is something that I truly enjoy.

Since then, I really got involved in this field. This blog is where I share my learning and experiences with everyone. After all, what is better and convenient way to do that than to make a website about it.

Why HVAC is Important?

A good HVAC system is required to maintain those three factors, that I told you about above, i.e., temperature, humidity and airflow. Despite a good heating or cooling system, ventilation is crucial too. Ventilation is important in your home to purify air and maintain humidity.

To live and work effectively and comfortably depends immensely on the quality of environment we live in. Poor living space conditions will cause poor and unhealthy quality of life.

Why I Created This Blog?

As an engineer, I have learned many technicalities during my journey, and a lot through my mistakes and success stories. That is why I discuss a lot about what could go wrong or what is wrong when you experience certain abnormal behaviors with your appliances :).

Do you know that just by using appropriate HVAC system, you can immensely improve your living experience and increase efficiency? So many times, appliances are wrongly selected based on their size or functionality, or continuously used inappropriately. You will be amazed to know how significantly you can improve your decisions just by having some basic knowledge about HVAC. I have actually made a separate category for general educational articles. Give them a look, you will enjoy them.

I created this blog to help resolve so many problems people face, when it comes to their appliances, that serve the purpose of maintaining appropriate heat, humidity and ventilation in their homes. Believe it or not, you can have an amazing time outdoors, even in very inconvenient temperature zones too.

Many of us are not familiar with the terminologies and technicalities involved in HVAC. That is why I try my best to keep the content super simple for anybody to understand, so that it can be interpreted and implemented by anyone.

Where is HVACR Guy Directed?

HVACR Guy is beginner oriented. Here I discuss many problems that people face with their systems and their potential solutions in a simple way.

You do not need an expert every time you have a problem with your system. Even if it is something that requires expert to resolve, being able to diagnose and detect the problem will save you a lot of time and money.

I plan to extend my simple resources and articles about specific types of HVACR systems, in a way that is convenient for any person to understand and implement.