Best Window Air Conditioners (Top Picks + Buyer’s Guide)

There are so many choices when it comes to window air conditioners. There are several companies manufacturing window air conditioners with bulk of models. With the passage of time the functionalities and working of window air conditioners are improved and enhanced. In the modern era there is a lot of competition in the market.

However the basic requirements when buying a window air conditioner are almost the same. If the air conditioner is not up to the basic standards that are required in the appliance it will really undermine the modern features that are available in it.

You will not be satisfied by a smart air conditioners with so many extra functions but making a lot of noise, having low life and consuming a lot of electricity.

An ideal air conditioner is the one that is powerful, efficient, durable and quiet. We want an air conditioner that simply does it’s job perfectly when turned on. In case there is only a specific season in which you require to turn on your window ac according to your region, it may be easily winterized and used again when the time’s right. So which air conditioner is ideal for you? After several hours of research of the window air conditioners in the market I have shortlisted the following:

Best Shortlisted Window Air Conditioners

I have chosen two window air conditioners based on several factors as well as keeping in consideration the pricing:

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner (Model: MAW08V1QWT)

Midea U Inverter is the best option in the market. Compare it with any air conditioner in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and convenience it will balance them in the best way. So many of the problems in the window air conditioners have been resolved in this window air conditioner.

One of the most important aspects is design. With the U-shaped robust design you can actually close your window, get abundant sunlight and reduce noise 9 times the traditional units.

Frigidaire Energy Star Window Air Conditioner (Model: FFRE103WAE)

Another great option. The reason I selected this Frigidaire window air conditioner as my second choice is its power. It is one the most powerful and quick-cooling units available right now. It is a choice of many satisfied people. This particular model is 10000 Btu.

Why I Recommend Midea U Inverter Window AC?

The major merit of using Midea U Inverter is in the convenience of its elegant U-shaped design. The primary advantage is the ability to close the window almost entirely despite the window air conditioner installed in it. This results in amazing reduction of noise as the compressor is outside the window.

Generally in traditional window air conditioner that are only 5000 Btu may have noise level around 60 dB. Midea U Inverter claims sound levels of 42 dB that are close to a library. On testing at normal economy mode operation, it resulted in sound level between 44 and 45 dB. While at max operation (max noise) it produced a sound of only 53-54 dB that is great.

It has DC inverter technology which means it is able to the compressor is able to adjust the speed according to the operation required. Hence it allows high power efficiency with economy mode. Due to inverter technology it is able to conserve about 35 percent more energy compared to traditional units.

Window is able to close almost entirely means abundant daylight which is usually replaced by foam covering the entire width of window air conditioner on either side.

The convenience to operate Midea U Inverter is absolutely fabulous. It has a WiFi application to control the temperature and other functions. If you are not comfortable with wireless control it has remote control option. It can be controlled by Alexa and Google Home. You can simple decide a simple phrase trigger that can be uttered when ever you want your window ac to start or change its operation.

With the great efficiency that Midea U Inverter provides it is a powerful air conditioner too. It has powerful 20 ft long distance airflow with the swing feature to evenly distribute air through out the space.

The installation and fitting of this window air conditioner is surprisingly simple compared to other traditional units. You will find it odd though as it has an absolutely different design compared to traditional window ac. However I still have attached the complete video of air conditioner installation to assist you.

We all have seen that filter reset light that turns on after regular time period or simply when filter is dirty enough. I was also amazed to see that it is very easy to extract filter for maintenance. You don’t have to remove any screws. You don’t even have to remove the front cover entirely to do that. You can partially open it remove the filter, clean it and install it again, no hassle.

Which factors Matter in Selecting the Best Window Air Conditioner?

Cooling Effectiveness

First and foremost the window air conditioner you buy must be able to cool the space you require.

If you have taken a window ac that has a very quiet operation, high efficiency and so many modes but it is unable to cool the living space it is worthless. Therefore assure that the cooling operation of the window ac you are buying is effective, then look for other aspects.

High Efficiency

In the season of summer, air conditioner is operated day and night or at least entire night. After it is assured that the air conditioner will cool the living space with satisfaction you should look for its efficiency rating. If the window air conditioner is poor in efficiency and it shows hauntingly on bill you might not have a good night sleep anyway.

When buying a window air conditioner go for inverter air conditioner as they are able to adjust their working according to the cooling required. It’s good to have an air conditioner as energy efficient as it can be while not effecting cooling effectiveness.

Reduced Noise

The purpose of air conditioner is to make the living space comfortable for you. But besides cooling, noise is also a factor that will distract or disturb, especially at night when you need a quiet comfy sleep.

The inverter air conditioner usually makes less noise than the traditional ones. Further in traditional window air conditioners the compressor has only two modes i.e. on and off. Switching between max sound level and no sound is even more disturbing. One of the major reason I recommended Midea U-shaped Window AC is its exceptionally low sound.

Suitable Size/Capacity

When buying a window air conditioner make sure you are buying the right size. Always calculate what size or capacity of air conditioner is required to effectively cool your room. If you are buying from local stores they may calculate the Btu required for the window ac for you.

You can also calculate the capacity required for the window ac according to living online. Click here and you will be directed to the webpage that does calculation for you.

When choosing the window ac the problem you may run (in terms of capacity) is not only the insufficient capacity. if you choose a window ac that is larger in capacity than required then firstly it will be inefficient. Secondly it will not be able to remove humidity in the best way possible.

Removal of humidity is secondary function performed by air conditioner. In case of large air conditioner the compressor will not run for sufficient time and the cooling coil will never get to the temperature required for condensation of water from air. So beware of small as well as large air conditioners and calculate properly according to your living space.


Ionizer is the component in air conditioner that enables it to attract and discard dust particles before delivering air. This will prevent them from prevailing in the living space. It is a recommended feature.

Additional Features

After basic necessary functions of window air conditioner you could look for some additional features for convenience. These include WiFi application for controlling the air conditioner with your mobile device, remote control device compatibility, swing feature etc. However if the fundamental functions are not satisfactory additional features will not make a difference.

Note: The recommended products on this page are continuously changed depending on the products available in the market. The purpose of this page is to keep you updated with the best window air conditioner currently.